@leo listening to TWIT this morning and I was surprised that in all the discussion on Apple’s CSAM decision there was no mention of their business motivations. Apple is not doing this because they want to help children, this is part of their business strategy. Their strong device encryption policy has put them in jeopardy of having legislation passed that will require them to have a backdoor. This is simply a way of trying to fend that off.

Caught this bald eagle down by the lake enjoying the first rays of the rising sun.

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Note to Democrats re: infrastructure bill. “Broadband” is a bland term that means nothing to most people. Everyone understands “high-speed internet” and everyone wants it.

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So it seems the guy who wrote the Phoenix project, which is almost required reading in the IT world these days, has written a sequel of sorts called The Unicorn Project. I will dutifully read this book, even though the Phoenix Project was a bit of a slog and the infosec guy in that book is made out to be a bit of a boob. Can I say boob? Well I just did. Twice!

Hello fellow Mastadoners. I guess that is better than primadoners. I am a long time TWIT listener and curious about how a federated social network works.


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