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@leo and @ant_pruitt There is an IndyCars race today at noon pacific time. It should be on your local NBC affiliate and, although it's the first race of the season, will be a good preview of the Laguna Seca race


@leo @ant_pruitt Here's an idea: Contact IndyCar and see if they would let you guys do some car tech spots during the weekend of the Laguna Seca race and then, since the race is Sunday afternoon, you can do TWiT from the race track. Maybe start after the race is over. They are probably looking for ways to market their racing series to more people.


Thanks for the shout out during TWIG this week 😁


@ant_pruitt I got into F1 when I lived in England (96-97), but I wanted more and IndyCar was there to fill in the gap. The racing is much closer and more drivers stand a chance at winning. All of the races are in North America, so if you had the wherewithal, you can fairly easily go see one (two are in California). Plus, the drivers are more down-to-earth and accessible.

@ant_pruitt Vettel in the (awesome looking) Aston Martin, DR in the McLaren, Sainz in the Ferarri, and Alonso back in the Alpine (his third stint with the team). I like seeing drivers moving around. I had a crazy idea that a driver could only stay with a team for three seasons just to keep things moving.

P.S. Leo said he loved the race, so we need to get him fully into open-wheel racing and have him go to Laguna Seca for the IndyCar race later this year.

@ant_pruitt Did you catch the Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday? HAM held VER off with everything he had.

@leo IndyCars race in Monterey on September 19th of the season is not disrupted by the pandemic again

@leo I'm super glad you enjoyed it. Now you need to watch IndyCars. Similar look, but they actually race in California once or twice a season

@freakwater About 10 years ago, I was working on a project that used Oracle for its database and there was a bug in one of their tools (surprise, surprise). I posted a message on their official forums to see if anyone had a fix for it or knew of a timeline for an official fix and the first 10 responses were something to the effect of "Why are you posting such a stupid question?" It was a legit problem that others had reported but I could not find a way around it.

@leo there is a formula 1 race this weekend. The race will be broadcast from Bahrain Sunday morning your time on ESPN2. Should start at 7:55 a.m. your time

@MovieBozo it starts off slow, but picks up. There is an associated podcast called "closing crawl" that you should listen to as well

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