@ant_pruitt Did you catch the Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday? HAM held VER off with everything he had.

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@x_minus_t hate i missed it, watched a replay. Verstappen ain't no joke. Gonna be a force to reckon with. Also seemed weird seeing DR in yet another ride.

@ant_pruitt Vettel in the (awesome looking) Aston Martin, DR in the McLaren, Sainz in the Ferarri, and Alonso back in the Alpine (his third stint with the team). I like seeing drivers moving around. I had a crazy idea that a driver could only stay with a team for three seasons just to keep things moving.

P.S. Leo said he loved the race, so we need to get him fully into open-wheel racing and have him go to Laguna Seca for the IndyCar race later this year.

@x_minus_t I'd LOVE to see that track. IndyCar is pretty cool, too. But I really enjoy F1

@ant_pruitt I got into F1 when I lived in England (96-97), but I wanted more and IndyCar was there to fill in the gap. The racing is much closer and more drivers stand a chance at winning. All of the races are in North America, so if you had the wherewithal, you can fairly easily go see one (two are in California). Plus, the drivers are more down-to-earth and accessible.

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