@leo and @ant_pruitt There is an IndyCars race today at noon pacific time. It should be on your local NBC affiliate and, although it's the first race of the season, will be a good preview of the Laguna Seca race


@leo @ant_pruitt Here's an idea: Contact IndyCar and see if they would let you guys do some car tech spots during the weekend of the Laguna Seca race and then, since the race is Sunday afternoon, you can do TWiT from the race track. Maybe start after the race is over. They are probably looking for ways to market their racing series to more people.


Thanks for the shout out during TWIG this week 😁


@ant_pruitt Did you catch the Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday? HAM held VER off with everything he had.

@leo there is a formula 1 race this weekend. The race will be broadcast from Bahrain Sunday morning your time on ESPN2. Should start at 7:55 a.m. your time

My question is "Why has this taken so long?"

iPhone users will soon be able to change their default music app with Siri


India floods: Man trapped inside tunnel rescued in Uttarakhand [after a glacier collapsed and triggered a huge flood]


A frequent topic of discussion on the TWiT network is section 230. Now the Democrats are getting in on the game: tweets.newsbots.eu/ReutersWorl

In the US today, up to 40% of adults agree with the young Earth creationist claim that all humans are descended from Adam and Eve within the past 10,000 years.


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