For anyone that also cracks out on random stuff. This knot website though 😍

It has all the knots shown in tiles that when you scroll tells you what the knot is for!

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Total fail. The proper suggestion is, of course:

Did you mean: ed(1)

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New here, had tried Mastadon once on a "family server" but my family never really got in board.

Figured might as well try again on my favorite podcasts networks site 😊

The Texas A&M Physics Department is putting on their first Virtual Physics Festival this Saturday!

🎊 βš›οΈ 🎊

Powered by Free Software:

You too can host your very own! (If someone ever finishes the documentation...)

For young coders interested in geology, testing their skills, and scaring up a few bucks:

πŸ’Ž πŸ† πŸ€‘

Also because Geology Rocks. And other bad puns:

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Got my mojo-ryzen! The Alienware Aurora R10 arrived today! Installed Manjaro and played a little Valheim. Man this monitor is huge!

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