Move Over, GE. The Tech Conglomerates Are the New Leaders of Industry. - WSJ -

just as those giants of traditional industry are being dismembered, today’s tech giants have arisen as latter-day conglomerates—what some even call “neo-conglomerates.” They boast valuations bigger than any other companies in history, and have diversified their businesses through acquisitions and new starts just like conglomerates of old.

Some iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 report iOS 15 breaks in-car Bluetooth hands-free systems - 9to5Mac -

A growing number of iPhone users running iOS 15.1 are reporting connectivity issues with Bluetooth hands-free systems in cars. A thread on the Apple Support forums includes complaints from a number of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users, as well as a few potential fixes— none of which appear to be permanent.

DisplayLink Manager Now Supports External Display Rotation on M1 Macs - MacRumors -

Synaptics today released a new beta version of DisplayLink Manager for macOS with long-awaited support for external display rotation on M1 Macs. A company representative said a final release is planned by late December provided that beta testing is successful.

Apple Car, VR Headset Launch Plan; Belkin Boost Charge Pro Review - Bloomberg -

Apple’s next major product categories—a virtual and augmented reality headset and a self-driving car—will likely mark a change in how the company rolls out new devices. Also: testing Belkin’s new multi-device charger and discussing the future of charging Apple devices. Plus, carriers are not honoring Apple’s device rebates.

Apple Announces Winners of Third Annual Apple Music Awards - MacRumors -

Apple has named The Weeknd as Global Artist of the Year, while Olivia Rodrigo is Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Rodrigo also bagged the Album of the Year award for her debut album, "SOUR," and Single of the Year for "drivers license." The Songwriter of the Year award went to multi-instrumentalist H.E.R. especially in recognition of her 21-track R&B album "Back of My Mind."

Apple Supports World AIDS Day With Red Logo at Stores and Apple Pay Promotion - MacRumors -

In what has become an annual tradition, select Apple Store locations are now displaying a red Apple logo in support of World AIDS Day on December 1, such as Apple Nanjing East in Shanghai and Apple Ginza in Tokyo, with other locations likely to follow.

New iPhone SE Reportedly on Track for Release in First Quarter of 2022 - MacRumors -

Apple plans to release a third-generation iPhone SE in the first quarter of 2022, according to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce. If this timeframe proves to be accurate, we can expect the device to be released by the end of March.

Apple Announces New Limited-Edition Beats Studio Buds - MacRumors -

The limited-edition Beats Studio Buds feature a red, black, and green design, which draws inspiration from the Pan-African flag and pays tribute to Union's roots as a Black-owned business, according to Apple. The charging case also features Union's logo.

Google Chromium, sans integration with Google | ungoogled-chromium -

Leo's Pick for 12/1

(21) jack⚡️ on Twitter: "not sure anyone has heard but, I resigned from Twitter" / Twitter -

The Prince symbol has been salvaged from a 1993 floppy disk - CDM Create Digital Music -

A little history of the Prince floppy and a couple photos from today's data recovery @adafruit with @anildash :) will be posting the data to @internetarchive and @github soon!

Cyber Monday Sales Flat as Smaller Savings Curb Incentive to Spend - WSJ -

The figures are in line with online retail sales for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which failed to surpass the previous year’s sales for the first time in years, according to some industry estimates. Overall, U.S. retail sales rose 14% during the Thanksgiving weekend compared with last year and 5.8% from 2019, according to data released by Mastercard SpendingPulse.

NASA delays ISS spacewalk over debris worries • The Register -

The planned 6.5-hour spacewalk was to have Marshburn positioned at the end of the Canadarm2 robotic arm and swung out over the structure by ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer at the controls within the orbiting lab. Barron was to assist with the replacement of an antenna on the P1 truss.

Malware Attack Via Millions of Text Messages Spreads in Finland - Bloomberg -

The messages with malicious links to malware called FluBot number in the millions, according to Aino-Maria Vayrynen, information security specialist at the National Cyber Security Centre. Telia Co AB, the country’s second-biggest telecommunications operator, has intercepted some hundreds of thousands of messages.

Finland Researchers Say First Quantum Computer Is Up and Running - Bloomberg -

he 5 quantum-bit computer was developed “to learn how to build a quantum computer, how to program one and how to operate one in the future,” Pekka Pursula, research manager at the VTT Technical Research Centre, said by phone on Tuesday. The machine was the joint work of VTT and quantum computing hardware company IQM Finland Oy.

U.K. regulators order Facebook-owner Meta to sell Giphy - Axios -

Details: In a statement, the U.K.'s competition and markets authority concluded that the deal would be anticompetitive because Facebook could theoretically increase market power by "denying or limiting other platforms’ access to Giphy GIFs," or "changing the terms of access," to its GIFs for competitive sites.

150 HP multi-function printer types vulnerable to exploit • The Register -

The Finland-headquartered infosec firm said it had found "exploitable" flaws in the HP printers that allowed attackers to "seize control of vulnerable devices, steal information, and further infiltrate networks in pursuit of other objectives such as stealing or changing other data" – and, inevitably, "spreading ransomware."

Twitter bans sharing 'private' images and videos without consent | Engadget -

Twitter has expanded its private information policy to include media, banning users from sharing photos or videos of a private individual without their permission. The company notes that tweeting such images can violate someone's privacy and potentially lead to harm against them.

Arizona Family Escapes Home Surrounded By Javelinas Using Their Tesla | 103.3 KLOU -

Jeff had thought of a different way to get rid of the javelinas. He decided to summon his Model Three Performance Tesla from his phone by using autopilot.

"Ok, well, let's see what happens if I move this big car right behind him and see how they will react," Jeff added.

When the vehicle began to move behind the animals, the group of javelinas bolted. "Tesla for the win," Kimberly said.

Is watching the 1984 Ghostbusters movie killing people? A Statistician's Perspective -

English adults under 60 who have watched the 1984 Ghostbusters movie are dying at twice the rate of people who have watched the 2021 Ghostbusters move the same age.

Data science is hard.

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