Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink -

While using his Pixma MG6320 printer from Canon, the plaintiff was surprised to discover that the "all-in-one" machine would refuse to scan or fax documents if the printer ran out of ink.

As ink is not necessary to perform scans or faxes, the argument is that the printer features should continue to work even if there is no ink in the device.

@twitnews This is such consumer hostile behavior. It’s not the consumer’s fault that these manufactures embraced a false economy of really cheap devices and really, really expensive ink.

In my opinion, this sort of hostile behavior should be met with more than a civil fine. This should also be met with consumers starving the company of income by choosing brands that don’t behave this way.

Anyone choosing Canon after this is like someone going back to an abusive ex. May it never be.

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