Sixty-Week Delay on Router Orders Shows Scale of Chip Crisis - Bloomberg -

Broadband providers are seeing delays of more than a year when ordering internet routers, becoming yet another victim of chip shortages choking global supply chains and adding challenges for millions still working from home.

Apple Admits Why It Keeps iMessage Off Android -

Apple executives openly admit that they were working on an Android version of iMessage, but decided against it because they had more to gain if iMessage remained off Google’s operating system.

Google I/O 2021 will be virtual and free to attend - 9to5Google -

After canceling entirely last year, Google today announced that I/O 2021 will be virtual and free to attend. The conference is historically held in May and where Google makes announcements about its biggest developer platforms.

Update: Our Kyle Bradshaw and Ben Schoon solved the puzzle to reveal that I/O 2021 will take place from May 18-20 and that registration opens soon.

Apple Details Ways Advertisers Can Measure the Impact of Ads Without Tracking Users Ahead of iOS 14.5 Launch - MacRumors -

To help advertisers adjust to this change, Apple today shared a new version of its "A Day in the Life of your Data" document with details on two privacy-preserving ad measurement technologies that advertisers can use to measure the impact of their ad campaigns without tracking users, including SKAdNetwork and Private Click Measurement.

Empathy emerges from stealth with $13M for a digital assistant aimed at bereaved families | TechCrunch -

a startup called Empathy is coming out of stealth with the aim of taking some of the stigma out of working on some of those challenges head-on, with an AI-based platform for families to help organize affairs (and thus indirectly help assist in those families attending to themselves) after a death.

E3 2021: Dates Set For Free Virtual Video Game Event - Variety -

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced plans for a “reimagined” all-virtual E3 2021, set to take place June 12-15, 2021, featuring news and game reveals. The ESA said it will team up with media partners globally “to help amplify and make this content available to everyone for free.”

Why Shortages of a $1 Chip Sparked Crisis in Global Economy - Bloomberg -

The chip crunch was born out of an understandable miscalculation as the coronavirus pandemic hit last year. When Covid-19 began spreading from China to the rest of the world, many companies anticipated people would cut back as times got tough.

“I slashed all my projections. I was using the financial crisis as the model,” says Rasgon. “But demand was just really resilient.”

Waymo CEO John Krafcik steps down | Ars Technica -

A Waymo spokeswoman told Ars that the company's fleet has "well over 600 vehicles across all of our locations." Six hundred vehicles is fewer than 1 percent of the 82,000 vehicles Waymo ordered three years ago.

It's official: Microsoft Build will be May 25 to 27 | ZDNet -

Possible dates for Microsoft Build have leaked a couple of times over the past few weeks. Now, it looks like it's official. Build, Microsoft's annual developer conference -- a virtual event again this year -- will be from May 25 to 27.

Activision Reveals Malware Disguised as 'Call of Duty: Warzone' Cheats -

Activision security researchers found that a Warzone cheat advertised on popular cheating forums was actually malware that let hackers take control of the victims' computers. The cheat installed a "dropper," a type of malicious application that can be used to download and install other types of malware on the victim's computer. 

Pixel 6 powered by Google-made ‘GS101’ Whitechapel chip - 9to5Google -

First rumored in early 2020, Whitechapel is an effort on Google’s part to create their own systems on a chip (SoCs) to be used in Pixel phones and Chromebooks alike, similar in to how Apple uses their own chips in the iPhone and Mac. Google was said to be co-developing Whitechapel with Samsung, whose Exynos chips rival Snapdragon processors in the Android space.

Apple expands Apple Arcade with classic App Store games | TechCrunch -

In the ‘App Store Greats’ category, you can find some well-known iPhone games that have been released over the past decade, such as Threes+, Mini Metro+, Monument Valley+, Fruit Ninja Classic+, Cut the Rope Remastered and Badland+.

Comcast Weighs Pulling Universal’s Movies From HBO Max, Netflix - Bloomberg -

Currently, HBO Max pays for the rights to show new Universal Pictures movies about nine months after they leave theaters, while Netflix has a similar deal for animated films from Illumination Entertainment, the affiliated studio behind the “Despicable Me” features. Both of those deals expire at the end of this year.

Dish blasts T-Mobile for plans to shut down CDMA network - Axios -

Dish's letter to the FCC addresses a range of concerns, but the largest issue relates to the shutdown of the CDMA network that had previously been used by Sprint and is still used by the majority of Dish's 9 million Boost Mobile subscribers.

Biden plans to connect every American to broadband in new infrastructure package - The Verge -

Biden’s package also calls for 100 percent broadband coverage by the end of the decade and prioritizes networks affiliated with local governments, nonprofits and cooperatives and promises funding for projects on tribal lands. Biden’s broadband plan also seeks to encourage adoption by reducing the cost of internet service long term.

Apple will finally fix the iOS issue that blocked searches for 'Asian' as adult content -

Do you have adult content blocked on your iPhone or iPad? 

If so, it's likely that your iOS device is currently blocking web searches using the word "Asian." It's been an issue for more than a year — but it's about to be fixed.

Mashable has confirmed that in the latest iOS 14.5 Beta, the adult content filter no longer blocks web searches containing the word "Asian." 

Sources: Google's next wireless earbuds are 'Pixel Buds A' - 9to5Google -

According to our sources, for 2021, Google is getting ready to expand its line of true wireless earbuds with the “Pixel Buds A.” Unsurprisingly, the Pixel Buds A will be almost visually indistinguishable from the current Pixel Buds, except for a few changes to the color palette. For starters, we can confirm that the Pixel Buds A will be available in two colorways, white and green.

Volkswagen will not change name of U.S. operations: sources | Reuters -

The German automaker’s news release saying it would change its name to “Voltswagen of America” was a marketing stunt aimed at drawing attention to the company’s electric vehicle plans, the three sources said. The fake announcement drew massive media coverage, and the automaker currently plans to announce on Wednesday it is not serious about changing its name, the sources said.

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