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@leo How many other instances have you connected this instance to? Not to complain...just would think if I looked at the Federated messages where would be a flood of them coming through? Maybe I am expecting too much (i.e. for it to be like Twitter). Thanks.

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@leo Sorry, another question. When I attach a photo in a Toot, will the location info still be in the photo, ie if I upload a photo of me in my home, could someone find out where I live? Thanks.

@leo thanks for letting me join. Question: am I correct in saying that I will see everything anyone posts on your instance? That’s no problem. Just trying to understand how this works and what would be the purpose of f following someone if I do see everyone. Thanks!

Everything you wanted to know about Japanese toilets but were afraid to ask!

My first TOOT and I didn't even eat beans for dinner!

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