@leo If you want to see why driverless cars are not yet ready for prime time... youtu.be/zdKCQKBvH-A

@leo That’s too bad. They really don’t know then what they are missing!

@leo I hear you from time to time saying you are worried about what Spotify, etc will do from podcasting. Why not pitch to Spotify your Twit network? You have a professional production/TV quality network. Seems they would be interested. Just a thought.

@leo Sure and thanks for the WSJ article. Regarding Scotty, to me he does seem to know what he’s talking about but what do I know. He did win an Emmy Award for hosting Car Talk on CBS in the mid ‘90s. Maybe for best actor?

@leo Does the Mach-E "calculate" where you should charge based on your destination like Tesla for long drives?

Review of Mach-E after one month. I am always impressed by @leo multitasking skills! twit.tv/shows/hands-on-tech/ep

I hate getting a small piece of food like a piece lettuce stuck under my tongue. Can't get it out!

@leo Thanks for explaining it during TTG break. I somehow wasn't getting that you were going a point-to-point call by calling Premiere directly. I thought ISDN had to use the internet to connect. Thanks.

@leo Almost all text! You definitely work in the command line! :)

@leo Maybe I'll call you this weekend if it is not too much inside baseball.

@leo So the ISDN I used about 20 years ago is different than the ISDN you use today? Is the connection at the other end ISDN and somehow connects directly to you? Sorry, still not following but thanks for your patience.

@leo Thanks, sorry, but still not understanding. I used to use ISDN. Isn't that slower? What makes it more stable?

@avalon Be careful, you may need a background check first.

@brennen Putting hot water in an ice tray doesn't freeze the water any faster.

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