@leo Im curious..when you do the TG shows, how does the connection back to the network which distribute your show to radio work? Why don't you get cut outs and blips like I see on news show using normal Zoom/Skype/Ninja OBS connections?

@tokyotony We used to use a dedicated 128 Kbps ISDN line back to the studio in Sherman Oaks. But the phone companies are phasing out ISDN switches, so last year Premiere switched us to Comrex over the public Internet. I was skeptical, but it's working perfectly.


I use a portable version at home.


@leo Thanks, sorry, but still not understanding. I used to use ISDN. Isn't that slower? What makes it more stable?

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@tokyotony ISDN is slow - but sufficient for two-way audio. We now have a lot more bandwidth but it's over the public Internet, with all the ills that's prone to. ISDN is point-to-point so little latency and zero interference.

@leo So the ISDN I used about 20 years ago is different than the ISDN you use today? Is the connection at the other end ISDN and somehow connects directly to you? Sorry, still not following but thanks for your patience.

@tokyotony Same ISDN as yesteryear. It was then and is today a digital phone call. But again, we've replace it, as has nearly everyone. No telco wants to keep ISDN switches in the NOC......

@leo Thanks for explaining it during TTG break. I somehow wasn't getting that you were going a point-to-point call by calling Premiere directly. I thought ISDN had to use the internet to connect. Thanks.

@leo Maybe I'll call you this weekend if it is not too much inside baseball.

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