@leo If you want to see why driverless cars are not yet ready for prime time... youtu.be/zdKCQKBvH-A

@leo I hear you from time to time saying you are worried about what Spotify, etc will do from podcasting. Why not pitch to Spotify your Twit network? You have a professional production/TV quality network. Seems they would be interested. Just a thought.

@leo Does the Mach-E "calculate" where you should charge based on your destination like Tesla for long drives?

Review of Mach-E after one month. I am always impressed by @leo multitasking skills! twit.tv/shows/hands-on-tech/ep

I hate getting a small piece of food like a piece lettuce stuck under my tongue. Can't get it out!

@leo Im curious..when you do the TG shows, how does the connection back to the network which distribute your show to radio work? Why don't you get cut outs and blips like I see on news show using normal Zoom/Skype/Ninja OBS connections?

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Dear news programs:
I have seen an injection.
You don’t need to show a loop of arms being stuck with needles every single time you talk about COVID-19.
Thank you.

@leo I heard you mention you started Noom. I tried. Not a fan. Here's my review if you are interested: youtube.com/watch?v=mdBR2lLUU3

@leo I know you like Plex and you want to use to use a CableCard. You might want to give Channels a try. It doesn't use a CableCard but only your cable provider login. For local channels, you can use Locast. It records all channels and has built-in ad skip. I have been using for 2 years and find it more straightforward than Plex. getchannels.com/plus/

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Anyone else feel an uncomfortable pressure in your ears when wearing the Airpods Pro? It ends up giving me a slight headache. I am wondering if this is just initial feeling and it will go away after I get used to them?

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