Quick shot of Simba for this afternoon. Could have done some more in Affinity Photo, but a quick iPhone edit (mostly) works. Wish I could have had Echo in the background looking his way, but any time I move to get a shot they walk to me. Was lucky to get this and not a blurry face right against the camera!

A little late on due to my tattoo and playing Diablo Immortal. Mostly due to the latter. Behold the cuteness of Simba and Echo sharing a window.

Had some more work done on my sleeve today. Filled in the background around the raven and the empty spot on the back of my wrist. Getting closer to having it finished.

The sun comes out like it knows my I am getting my pupils dilated. Either that or I wasn’t paying attention to it before. One of these is probably true.

Had totally planned on commenting more on this announcement after it happened but been somewhat preoccupied with events going on. And lack of sleep...

My quick takeaway is that it is probably not my kind of game, Diablo Immortal may be on the other hand, but will check it out anyway. Have heard it compared to Clash Royale, but never played that to know myself.

One bit of news I am glad to see is that their monetization of the game will NOT be including loot boxes! wowhead.com/news/monetization-

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In less than 12 hours Blizzard is revealing a mobile game. Their last one they announced, Diablo Immortal, was not well received by fans... partially due to it being announced at Blizzcon and being a surprise mobile game. I hope this time everyone either gives whatever this is a chance or just stays away knowing the game will not be for them.

I am hoping they have something at least somewhat innovative in the mobile space and find a more friendly monetization strategy.


Just threw together a quick page of social links for myself. Given I am not a designer and did this relatively quickly I think it came together pretty decently. The one line of javascript for copyright year made me kind of sad though. social.terrorskull.com/

Just did my first ride of the year. Only 10.78 miles and looking kind of out of shape, but at least the weather allowed it today. Going to be tough to be consistent for a little while until I stop having tattoo sessions every month to finish my sleeve. May have to do some night rides to keep it out of the sun when I can’t wear a long sleeve jersey.

Forgive me. I have yet to post a cat picture. This must be rectified immediately.

Still trying to get everything set up over here. Hoping I see more friends from other platforms end up on some Mastodon instance to give it a shot. On the other hand, it is kind of nice having more of that early days, smaller tech community kind of feel again.


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