Good news! I found some solid companies that don't require their employees to be vaxxed:

1. US White House
2. CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
3. FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
4. WHO
5. Pfizer
6. Moderna
7. Johnson & Johnson

What would advertisements for different KDE apps look like? KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08, an update to many of KDE's applications, comes out on Thursday, and we decided to give it a go.

Today: [Konsole](
Tomorrow: [Dolphin](
Wednesday: [Elisa](

[Want more apps?](

A kitty I was commissioned for a surprise gift! It arrived so I can share it now

Hey there, those of you in the crypto world, what wallet would you recommend?
Curious to hear your thoughts. 😁

NOW - Thousand take it to the street in #Turin as Italy makes Covid "green pass" mandatory for most public places.


#music #livestream on 7:30-10:30pm Pacific.

Virtual Private Piano Bar powered by #Owncast and your boosts ❤️

The #SteamDeck is a sinister plan by Valve to turn all gamers into Arch users

Now that I'm four days into my trip, I've hit the publish button on the blog post about my prep for it.

It's not finished, I still need to edit some stuff, but fuck it - here's the thing.

So new job is asking if I want a new cell or to bring my own. Two phones is a PITA. What are the realistic privacy risks with getting work email on my phone? Assume it comes with Mobile Iron app or something.

I am OK with them seeing work email, work contacts, work calendar. I guess a list of apps installed is fine too.

I don't want texts, browsing history shared. I don't know if I use the fediverse on my phone if I'm going to have some IT guy quizzing me in a few years about or something because is showed up in my feed.


#Blender’s new asset browser basically turns it into a video game, it’s pretty much The Sims at this point. Drag and drop and done – this will make things a lot easier for 2D artists who use it as a base for paintovers. Mind-blowing. 🤯


Linux Venting 

OK, I love Linux and open source…


Why the flipping hell do I have to follow some half-assed, 'oh it's so easy,' tutorials just to get a real-time kernel? Those idiots that make those tutorials always have half of the dependencies installed and DON'T FUCKING TELL YOU WHAT THEY ARE!

I just want a low latency system to record audio with. It never has to see the internet.

Instead, 'for my safety,' fuckers won't just precompile shit. I have to search for 30min for an odd error!

Ok... a while back somebody tooted about a firefox setting you could change to limit fullscreen content to the firefox window. I have since lost that toot.

Can anyone tell me how to limit fullscreen content to the firefox window?

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