Framasoft is running a crowdfunding campaign to make Peertube even more awesome!

They got:

- Global Search across all Peertube constallation, AND the Fediverse in general!
- Better moderation tools!
- Playlist features
- Annotations
- Improvements to the UI/UX!

But wait, THERE'S MORE: They are aiming for LIVESTREAMS, the holy grail of P2P video hosting!

If you have anything to spare, please donate to the project here:

Let's do it, folks!

@unfa I just watched your video about getting a copyright infringement. I remember seeing a lot of points about how google is monetizing things and they will still show adds, they just won't pay you while you are in dispute. Not even store up the credit for if it is removed.

I really wouldn't put it past them to try to squeeze some extra money out by moving the triggers up just a notch. Then, "oh, we don't have to pay you!"

With DeviantArt's insistence on the new and unfinished Eclipse, I'm going to be using the RSS backend that they still have up and just move everything to my RSS reader in Nextcloud. It just isn't worth the trouble of trying to navigate the watch list.

It really is a culture of see what is new, but if you don't check up regularly, you will miss something. I have other things to do and may not sign in for days at a time.

I've come to the conclusion that people only appreciate something if they have to pay for it. If you do it for free, they will crap on it all day long. Charge them and they will respect it and you.

So, I just spent 5 hours today fixing a bunch of issues at my church. The part that burns me, is that no one tried to learn how things worked and just rewired everything until it worked for them.

And so on...
And so on...
And so on.

I actually unplugged 4 inline VGA splitters just to get the projectors to work.

Nevermind the 2 battery backups and 3 power strips that were inline.

Are there any good python interfaces to GUI toolkits that support screenreaders. I'm looking fir something that is quick to prototype with but allows me to theme it a little bit.

Asking because I remember reading an article by someone who was blind and they said that their work switching to Electron meant that they literally lost their job, because it didn't interface with the screenreader at all.

I don't want to write software that does that. I also don't want to use something as bloated as Electron.

But it is a _very_ attractive option because of how easy it makes creating interfaces.

On this day, twelve years ago, Mr. Evan Prodromou published the first fediverse post. We are very happy to see how far the fediverse has come since then, and are looking forward to join it officially once our federation is working.

Happy Birthday, Fedi!

#HappyFedi2U #Fediverse12

I am thinking about starting a community project to develop a modern, powerful libre EQ plug-in.
I'm no developer though, so I'd need your help.
The primary goals I have in mind are:
- sound quality and flexibility
- fast workflow
- simple, scalable and responsive UI
- advanced features like bandpass listen, morphing between states for easy automation, following MIDI note pitch, possible linear-phase mode.

What do you think?

#FOSSaudio #LibreAudio #EQ #LinuxAudio #LV2 #unfa

@unfa I should have figure you have a Mastodon account.

Your Ardour videos have been a major help with me helping my church during this covid shutdown.

Thank you a lot!

I made a point in #cashflowforcreators of saying that it's okay for you to practice your craft for joy and that it didn't have to be a side hustle, or *any* kind of hustle. That joy is sufficient reason to do a thing.

Half of my first readers said they had never been told this. This makes me very sad.

If your art brings you joy, DO IT. Maybe you'll never make a penny off it, and that is totally OK.

Doing things for the joy of it is vital.

I feel like I am quoting Maciej Cegłowski's "The Website Obesity Crisis" every other week at this point, but it's such a super-condensed source of white-hot truth and insight that I don't feel bad:

"Let’s commit to the idea that as computers get faster, and as networks get faster, the web should also get faster."

This is the most obvious and natural idea in the world, but somehow it's a genuinely radical position. I think the battle is lost on the web, but if you start again and only put in what you need you just arrive by default at a situation of what feels like breakneck speed.

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I finished making a drawer to better organize my tools! I used some nice drawer slides from a display that we got rid of at work.

It is really nice to start getting things organized and sorted.

The 5g conspiracy craziness are but the latest example showing that a civilization's technological progress is hard-limited at any given time by the quality of education a median member of the society has received.

Friendly reminder: "X as a service" is just a misleading corporate euphemism for "pay forever for not owning it".

"Software as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the software".

"Games as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning games".

"Infrastructure as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the hardware".

And so on.

There is no "cloud", it's just other people's computers

Hey fossdom; I'm looking into making cheap, but good, XLR/mic cables. After looking into how regular ones are bought, I've come to the conclusion that I should be able to use stranded, shielded twisted pair, CAT 6 networking cable.

Has anyone looked into this or tried it?

Need a random 32 character hex string?

openssl rand -hex 32

Thank you nextcloud-talk docs

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