Looks like they are discontinuing the 1GB RPi4 and lowering the price of the 2GB version that's awesome! engadget.com/2020/02/27/35-ras

@fabsh Just listened to the new Private Citizen podcast. I liked it and the highlight of the surveillance program as well as how users are really affected.

All that I would love to have added is a small news section to spotlight the smaller but noteworthy pieces.


Does anyone have a line on a very end user friendly static site generator/editor? Preferably with a WYSIWYG editor.

I want to be able to let my mom edit her business site without needing me for most content updates.


<Jarcode> besides, emacs users are ripped
<Jarcode> you wouldn't want to mess with one
<Jarcode> the sheer strength of their fingers from reaching across their keyboard to use obscure keybindings can crush bones

bash.org/?966229 #emacs

@thewk have you used Collabora? I ask because I had setup my Nextcloud to be integrated with Collabora, but I noticed that Nextcloud Hub is pushing Onlyoffice more now.

I wrote my first real tutorial for setting up Plex in docker! Let me know what you think.


Quick update regarding passwords:

"12345" is commonly considered unsafe since 2012.

According to experts "1234567" will still be safe until 2023, at which point you should probably change all your passwords to "12345678".

Did you know?

Percentages are reversible. 8% of 25 is the same as 25% of 8, and often one of them is much easier to do in your head.

Critical Windows 10 security fix pushed out after NSA warns Microsoft of spying vulnerability.


@fabsh I used to listen to you when you were doing Linux Outlaws with Dan!

Your random Linux command from #ManMeBot:

ntfsfix (8) - fix common errors and force Windows to check NTFS

ManMeBot run by @jonw

The twit.community/t/automatic-eje discussion about auto ejecting drives bot my bash scripting juices flowing. I ended up making a cron script that will start MPD playing music in the morning and check it every five minutes to make sure that the web radio hasn't stopped and restart it, if it did freeze.

Looks like GitLab updated within the hour after my making the backup and now I have to make another backup after updating the original container.

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Trying a migration of GitLab-CE docker from one machine to another, right now.

I don't think that I made a tweet/toot all last decade.

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