Web search is dead and there isn't an alternative. We are going to end up back at the early 2000s when you had to post on a forum or ask in a chatroom.

I just spent a few minutes searching for an artist's bridge. Literally every result was of drawings of an actual bridge. I was only allowed to see what I wanted when I added "buy" to my search.

Nevermind the search before that where "anti-fouling glove" had 2 Amazon results first and 8 Pinterest results after that.

Disgusting and worthless.

I'm very excited about the watercolor of the family dog that I commissioned from a local artist. It was just finished today!

@dsyates and anyone else that wants, I have a gopher formatted AKJV #Bible I just finished - you are welcome to use for #Gopher or #Gemini, just hit me up.

This is interesting...

QuikPub for painless quick text publishing. Free...


What do vim users do right before sex? 

They enter insert mode

Okay TWIT's. Curious what is Keybase used for. In a reference on this past Sunday's TWIT it sounded like it was another social network.

RT: This is all too often how UX design is considered and practiced.

@somarasu I'm not into Ham radio myself, but HackADay.com has some good articles on getting started.

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