"Torvalds back in the day, who would've told him about the future success. Love the last to sentences."

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@Johncdvorak I have hated those unboxing videos. No information and little more than an equivalence to a stage parade by Steve Jobs.


Writing a contributing.md is like creating a job posting. The only difference is that you're not paying contributors. In fact, they're the ones offering their time and effort for free. At least tell them what the build command is.

#FOSS #OpenSource

Just got back from a face friendly outing in the People's Republic of Port Townsend. A group of 30 or so people have been meeting there each weekend to promote vaccine information, mask risks, etc.

Human Resource #2 came along with me. ❤️ He only got flipped off twice, and one person shouting "F you" because he wasn't wearing a mask outside.

Had some pine offcuts kicking around so I turned them into an investment opportunity.

Well, my job here is done. My 3 kids are officially No Agenda human resources with normal amygdalas. We pulled up at a light, 3 resources sitting in back. One looks over at the car next to us and says "check this one out wearing a mask in their car alone", the other two look and in complete unison start making loud sheep noises out the window. BAAAAH BAAAAH. I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. It was a good day.

I made another video to show how to use flat textures with the G'MIC artistic stylize filter and added it to the article I recently wrote.
#gmic #krita #tutorial

When you setup Kubernetes to host your personal blog

Ever noticed when you are IT everyone elses lack of planning somehow becomes your emergency?

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