Those front door mats with "welcome" written on them are a vampire conspiracy to get invited into houses.

Hire me! In exchange for currency I'm willing to work for you. Electronics, reverse engineering, graphics design! Fun! Click here and see what I can offer:
(fully GDPR-compliant, 0% cookies, and made with 100% recycled electrons)

Boosts are welcome.

I just found out that a local school district is using Schoology, for remote learning, and is calling everyone about a virus that is being spread by the system.

Now, if they could just figure out how to inject directed advertising into the lessons, then they could realize the 1984 dream of a unified existence.

I’ve created to send to people that don’t know the full context of the “very fine people” bullcrap. @adam @Johncdvorak

Today I woke up and saw someone posting an article entitled "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

It's about Magic the Gathering, but man. It really took me a minute.

Water is heavier than Butane beacuse Butane is a lighter fluid.

I went totally the wrong way with #LinkChomp

ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.

With Google & Apple heading to an Anti-trust lawsuit with the US government soon. They haven't been doing much to act innocent.

I have a feeling that the government will tell them to start sharing the data that they are stealing from their users or else they will be forcibly broken up.

The FBI has been barking up that tree for a long time now. What better way to mandate government access back-doors than by threatening to break up a monopoly?

@MountainJay @adam @darrenoneill

Notice how everyone can have their own email server, and yet send emails to others. Similarly mastadon is where everyone can have their own Facebook but still add each other as friends and like and comment.

We pay to Steam, Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify. But not to Wikipedia,, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, for our favourite Linux distro.

The huge asymmetry between corporate and community has not emerged naturally. It is a product of our choices of not supporting community oriented projects.

The short conveniences vs the long-term good. We always chose the former.

In face of surveillance capitalism, we must and must change.

Don't take this out of context, but Ginsberg's death has lead to a lot of news articles using her name shortened to "RBG" and it is messing with me.

I keep wondering why they are taking about the death of "Red, Blue, Green?"

September 11, 2001 was the first time during my lifetime that the world collectively went nuts and completely overreacted. With horrible consequences for everyone.

I‘m sad to say we are doing the whole damn thing all over again with the COVID-19 scare of 2020.

With Google taking down apps because of free speech and force reloading their apps when you uninstall them, I'm counting the days until a Linux phone with proper specs comes out.

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