I'm pretty damn excited

The sorcery rules, after getting 5 minutes to skim them, are entirely perfect

There are no notes. This is the perfect sorcery system.

In a game with the perfect setting.

@silverwizard The closest I ever got to playing a tabletop RPG was merely owning the Shadowrun 3rd Edition Rulebook. I loved the artwork and the setting, but I was in a very nerd-starved region as a kid.

I love game mechanics generally, and it's cool to hear about elegant rules like this. It's what drew me to the Baldur's Gate PC games as a kid. The magic system was so different from all the JRPGs I was used to.

I need to find a group that plays games like these.

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@simSalabim Yeah! I am currently overbooked with games :( but I know that Roll20 does like "Meet a group" stuff, and meetup.com is where people meet each other for games in person usually.

But I also understand both of those are hard...

I *love* Shadowrun so really respect it as a choice!
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