I think I've asked this before, but I'm pretty sure I deleted the post. Does twit.social have a rules page? I've done some looking around, and I don't see one anywhere.

I'm the opposite of extremely online for at least ten years now. I don't know what the hell people are talking about sometimes.

Can someone point me to some kind of refresher that explains things like DNI, stan, 'this websites', and other goofy lingo?

I feel so old googling this stuff...

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🔖"RIP Medical Debt"

"Eradicate medical debt at pennies on the dollar."

Charity that buys medical debt and forgives it.


Can anyone advise me on the best way to report something that may be a security risk?

I have a credit card thru a large bank which sends me spam sometimes. I can't figure out how to opt out, so I clicked the unsub link in the latest email. The page it goes to shows me someone else's name, their email, and the last 4 digits of their acct #.

I should report this to the bank, but there must be reputable firms that can help apply pressure without allowing anything to be swept under the rug.

To all the mamas out there: Happy Mother's Day!

Despite my slight hostility towards crypto, I have been participating in the Pi Network at the request of a friend. Does anyone know anything about this besides what the official communications say?

It seems like it could be some kind of scam for personal information. Aside from that, I figure it's harmless as far as crypto goes, due to the proof-of-stake nature of it.

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Did you know: If you give an LED enough power, it will continue to glow after the power is removed? This is the result of a phenomena called "Catching on fire" and it can only be done once.

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Life is so goddamn weird. The stuff that's been going on regularly for the last few years used to make me think my life was some kind of committed prank when I was a kid. Between politics, pop culture, social unrest, and war, personal life has been particularly strange for myself and many people I know.

Rather than raving, ranting, or roiling about anything more specific, I would just like some solidarity. How are you? Can you relate?

@marie hey I really like your October entry "A Diorama From the Before-Times"

It really paints a vivid picture

My Pixel 4XL is starting to die. The cellular connection dies once a week or more, requiring a reboot. I've switched from Windows to a MacBook Air and an iPad since the M1 launch, so I'm considering the new iPhone SE. Yea or nay?

Real men ignore statements that start with the phrase "real men"


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