Just a reminder that there are cute Bambies in our Victoria neighbourhoods now along with their very defensive mommas (AKA Defensive Does). Porkchop and I were closely followed by the doe in the video for over 200M as she walked us away from her babies that she has hidden in our big laurel hedge. Be careful on your dog walks!

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ActivityPub Overview updated. I added GNUsocial and a cc by-sa license. 🙂

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I have been on Twitter for 13 years but mostly read stuff. My recent tweets have mostly been about my papers or conferences, so I decided to join scholar.social. With this account, I want to give the #fediverse another go. I am happy to connect with scientists worldwide, especially in the areas of #softwareengineering, #edtech, #edutech, and related fields.

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This woman's shirt is great (from Mike Meyer's new Netflix comedy about infiltrating the Illuminati). Around the 0:36 mark.


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Job posting - Librarian and Coordinator for Copyright and Open Licensing 

Also posted to Scholar.social Please note this posting at MPOW! Happy to field questions if I can.

Librarian and Coordinator for Copyright and Open Licensing, Vancouver Island University

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University of Victoria Associate Faculty & GO-GN Fellow Michael Paskevicius is conducting some research on how the foundations of open education can be better integrated into teacher education programs.

He is looking for input from anyone interested or working in those areas. If you have 3-5 minutes and can complete his survey, he is donating $5 CAD (up to $1000) to the aid effort in Ukraine. #OER #OpenEducation michaelpaskevicius.com/2022/05

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I've added a "now" page to my blog (cf. nownownow.com/about)

It's kind of an interesting idea...


@clintlalonde I just moved over to Twit.social because mastodon.social is blocked by UVic for reasons unknown to me. @jdd is looking into why UVic systems has done this.


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