Today is theoretically the day I finally kick Kabletown to the curb. (sorta literally?) A competitor spent the first ½ of this year laying fiber in our neighborhood; door-to-door sales kid hit me up y’day. I scheduled an install for 5p-7p this evening. (Twiddling thumbs at 5:27.)

do you ever feel like the whole internet is starting to feel like this?

hrmm, is it mastodon that's not rendering skin-tone emojis (or rendering the tone as a separate icon - not sure my terms are correct), or is it something to do with my setup?

I found Trading Solitude for Loneliness pretty thought-provoking despite being less than 500 words (many of those quoting H. Arendt).

> Loneliness, for example, is to be distinguished from solitude, and solitude is essential to thought… When I am unable to keep myself company through the two-in-one dialog I carry on with myself, then solitude fades into loneliness." (but see fn 2: “…it should be acknowledged that we need both the inner dialog and the company of others.”) newsletters.feedbinusercontent

the weirdest item on my calendar each week might be Mondays @ 3p. “print a sudoku or something, to keep printer working”

walking the dog, went past the neighborhood cafe where they’re playing better-than-usual shoppop.

File under: SILLY, BUT…

I added an “IM status” bit to the sidebar of my blog. I can put a bit of text and a traffic light option into a private form and the blog will display it in the sidebar. Not permanent, not a tweet; just an old-fashioned IM status.

In 1991 I went to a sorority “woodser” at Cedar Key with my girlfriend. As we boarded the morning bus in the Education parking lot, she gave me a Coleman insulated thing (I guess it’s not a Thermos-brand thermos?), a 2L of Sprite, & a handle of vodka.

I still use the Coleman.

Spilled a Miller Lite on my Macbook Air keyboard last night. S-M-R-T. 😭

[hm. the way this post is formatted, it appears I'm applauding That post really just ended with a clap, and was the sole tag on my original post.] Lesson learned!

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I’ve been letting Spotify run for days, for ~reasons~, and just realized that with scrobbling to on, my stats look a little wonky. I flipped the “Private Session” toggle expecting it to only affect Spotify’s internal Now Playing, but no! It stops scrobbling too. 👏🏼

Making progress, implementing Indiekit… syndicate route works – all I have to do is figure out how to automate it, I think?

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Important question: have you ever played with a watermelon in a pool before

A quote from Robin Sloan via email, today:

"Try these on for size:

An accurate definition of “influencer” is: a virtuoso of a particular internet platform; someone who has learned to use its mechanisms to achieve their own objectives, rather than the other way around.

An accurate definition of an internet “creator” would have to be: someone whose income is determined by a platform’s algorithms.

Honestly, I have found these definitions clarifying!"

Newbie question: can I block *everything* from a given mastodon instance?

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