Garuda Linux looks great. Is it a flavour of Arch?

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@raven Garuda Linux does look beautiful. Arch based. I’ll give it a try.

@raven after reading up on Garuda, it’s a spin-off from Manjaro, my favorite Arch -based Linux. I like the idea of btrfs and it looks like they’re choosing some interesting defaults. Definitely tuned for performance, which might impact reliability.

@raven OK I installed Guarda Linux on my early-2020 Dell XPS 13. Installed perfectly. Used the drA6gonized KDE. Lots of extreme colors and zooming interface candy. The leet speek should have given me a clue.

It's a very opinionated distro and highly riced. I agree with most of the defaults (Firefox/Bitwarden/Ublock Origin, e.g.) , but you may not.

I think it would be better to install a vanilla Linux (Debian or Manjaro-Architect) and then customize it to your tastes.

@raven I'll stick with it for a bit but it feels like a distro for the youts, not an old-timer like me.

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