Changes to LastPass Free

I've been a premium user for some time, so this change doesn't affect me, but still. I'm not sure what's going on at . This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So "free" users can use it on Desktop OR mobile, but not both? Really? Being cross platform is the whole reason to use it.

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@programwitch unusual model. I get them wanting to promote buying in, but most apps will approach this differently than that. I use 1Password, so haven’t closely tracked what LastPass is doing, but it sure sounds like an odd choice.

@Pictor @programwitch Pretty straightforward revenue play to encourage conversion of non-paying users. I'm sure they did cost/benefit of how many users would convert versus migrate.

Not sure what (if anything) they value their free tier users at. I chose the migration path to BitWarden

@programwitch this is horrible. Goodbye LastPass. I have also used and recommended them for years.

As an MSP that has recommended many paid business subscribers to the service, this is enough for me to stop recommending it.

I will now have to change what I use personally and as an MSP, I like to be a user of what I am pushing and this won’t fit my needs anymore.

@programwitch yikes. I used to use LastPass’s free tier, but I found BitWarden to be a better option for me (I only pay $10 a year for premium). Until I read your post just now, I would have still recommended LastPass as an option for friends and family looking for something more user friendly than BitWarden—but not anymore.

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