Mission Control Live: NASA Lands Perseverance Mars Rover (clean feed) youtu.be/kPrbJ63qUc4

All my Connectwise apps took 30 mins to finally finish updating this morning.

All that waiting for 5 easily cleared tickets waiting for me. Ha!

Well at least now I have some time to do some Vue 3 classes.

Hope your snow day is going well.

Working from home today. Snow day.

I really need to run my office software more often on my home workstation. So many apps wanted to update all at once.

On the plus side the coffee is good here. 😋

Changes to LastPass Free

I've been a premium user for some time, so this change doesn't affect me, but still. I'm not sure what's going on at . This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So "free" users can use it on Desktop OR mobile, but not both? Really? Being cross platform is the whole reason to use it.

Your first thought regarding this image?

a) Run
b) That's a badly drawn duck
c) A combination of both a and b
d) A good Strong Bad song

Updated my profile. twit.social/@programwitch

>> This one of my alternate Mastodon accounts. I use this one to be part of the TWiT community and talk tech.

Search for social accounts across multiple Mastodon / Fediverse instances. Discover content for the open sorce social network.


The first submissions for our 1.1 About Screen Contest are coming in!

Join the Contest and add your proposal for the next Inkscape About Screen image!

Check out the first entries here:

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