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Since so many people said this should be multiple choice.
What fediverse software(s) do you use, please boost for scale.

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Transits have been the most successful method of finding exoplanets so far!

Once the Kepler Space telescope launched in 2009 the number of #exoplanets we had discovered absolutely skyrocketed

We've discovered that #exoplanets are very different than the types of planets in our Solar System!

Extended #SpaceTalkTuesday (16/)

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Did I enter an alternate reality? #Linux #nvidia

NVIDIA Transitioning To Official, Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver

The day has finally come: NVIDIA IS PUBLISHING THEIR LINUX GPU KERNEL MODULES AS OPEN-SOURCE! To much excitement and a sign of the times, the embargo has just expired on this super-exciting milestone that many of us have been hoping to see for many years. Over the past two decades NVIDIA has offered great Linux driver support with their proprietary driver stack, but with the success of AMD’s open-source driver effort going on for more than a decade, many have been calling for NVIDIA to open up their drivers. Their user-space software is remaining closed-source but as of today they have formally opened up their Linux GPU kernel modules and will be maintaining it moving forward. Here’s the scoop on this landmark open-source decision at NVIDIA.

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I worked at a company that had NVIDIA chips in the motherboards being produced.

You don't understand. The NVIDIA guy would show up with a locked briefcase. He would go into a lab that only 4 people had access to. He'd flash some ROMS, and then disappear.

If you'd asked me 2 hours ago whether NVIDIA would *ever* release an open source driver, I'd have bet any sum of money against it.

Happy to be wrong.

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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I'm #hiring - do me proud #fediverse and show you can find me a good candidate by boosting for visibility!

Are you a UK-based person with #infrastructure experience? I am hiring for 2 great #jobs. #hybrid working (remote with currently 1 day/week in London). #linux #foss
Great opportunity to work in the exciting area of High Performance Computing. Closing date 15th may so hurry!

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Castopod is a modern and fully-featured open-source project for publishing podcasts.

Makes we want to start a podcast ;)

#FOSS #Podcast #Podcasting #Audio #Libre #OpenSource #GNU #FreeSoftware

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The one and only time I’ve visited the UK I made sure to visit the British Museum, because I grew up in Egypt, and every museum there has several exhibits that are just a sign reading “we’d love to show you this, but the British stole it to put in the British Museum”

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Mastodon's implementation of content warnings on toots is just absolutely incredible compared to Twitter. Thanks @stux for this explanation 😁

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Guten Morgen!
Good morning!
Bonne journée!
Dzień dobry!
¡Buenos días!
Bom dia!
Hyvää huomenta!
God morgon!
Jó reggelt!
Доброе утро!

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@jalefkowit @SuricrasiaOnline @mdhughes in Firefox and Firefox based browsers you can define "bangs" just in your browser (in the search engine settings), no need to use Duckduckgo.

This way your searches don't go through DDG's servers, but directly to the site you're searching. It's just better in both privacy and speed.

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Please welcome

Please toot an #introductions so we can get to know you :alex_grin: + some hashtags too so we know what interests you

You can find more people on our server using the local timeline + directory

This list of radio amateurs on mastodon, may be of interest:

I recommend the third-party apps

Remember to describe your images, + fill our your bio before following people

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@pluralistic As a Norwegian, who is by no means a billionaire, I can assure the US citizens that the only people who benefit from not having free colleges and universities are the richest people. I pay a high tax rate. My willingness to do so would be a lot lower if someone said "but *your* children won't have free health care, dental care, college, or university".

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