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Google Hangouts official end date: November 2022.

Google Chat is the supposed successor, but, fool me once (Google Talk), fool me twice (Google Chat), you shant fool me thrice.

(Note: Not a place to tell me of alternatives. I'm using XMPP, Matrix, and Signal, and have used Jami. I'm already at capacity with my circles of friends. Thanks, but no thanks)

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Wow, I totally missed this one! Red Hat Hires a Blind Software Engineer to Improve Accessibility on Linux Desktop:

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After denied rights to use "Another One Bites the Dust" for Rocky III, Sylvester Stallone hired Survivor to write an original song instead, which turned out to be "Eye Of The Tiger"

Original tweet :

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Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

@ajroach42 I was not aware of the opus format. Thanks for the info 🙂

@Seirdy @nytpu they might upgrade to newer versions of java in order to take advantage of memory management improvements.

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and then I know what everyone's thinking:

"well okay so C-style backslashes are radioactive as string character escapes in any world that includes Windows in it, so, no problem, I'll just use backtick instead, absolutely nobody uses THAT character for anything"

and it turns out that absolutely everyone has that very same thought, from Markdown on down

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Every day, I do a review on Pixelfed on unheard music. And when I mean unheard, I don't mean "quirky obscure act that has an underground following".

I mean is LITERALLY unheard.

As in, according to Spotify, YouTube, etc. nobody has ever heard their albums in their entirety.

A lot of it is junk and should have remained unheard.

But my God, some of it is gold and deserves a bigger audience.

Now I'm tempted to do features on the genuine best unheard stuff I've come across.

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Apparently using they as a singular pronoun (to use instead of he and she) is hardly a new phenomenon. It dates back to 1375 in written records!

In fact, singular you is much more recent! Dating back to the 17th century! 😂

Oh, this quote’s fun, and it shows that our gender-related issues has been going on for centuries:

In 1794, a contributor to the New Bedford Medley mansplains to three women that the singular they they used in an earlier essay in the newspaper was grammatically incorrect and does no ‘honor to themselves, or the female sex in general.’ To which they honourably reply that they used singular they on purpose because ‘we wished to conceal the gender,’ and they challenge their critic to invent a new pronoun if their politically-charged use of singular they upsets him so much.


I’d say it’s probably safe to use they in general. I do use singular they regularly and it’s the least fuss imo.

#English #Language #Pronouns #They

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Check out Hams Over IP, a fast growing Voice Over IP service that allows hams all over the world to communicate using #VoIP phones. There’s even RF links available! #hamradio #hoip

@yogthos musk is gradually becoming a cartoon villain.

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Anyone freaked out by the sensationalist headlines about Google's language models becoming sentient should read up on the "Chinese Letterbox" thought experiment.

When this thought experiment was first contrived it was basically fiction, the idea that you could make a statistical model of language so complete that it could fool a real person was farcical. The author(s) only intended to raise a question and prove a point.

Well, surprise! Language is highly statistical, perhaps it has to be to permit us to learn it so quickly (per Chomsky, maybe?). And it turns out we can make models that can mimic, with creepy cogency, human speech patterns, even to the point of appearing to chew over a complex thought.

But in the end they're just statistical models re-hashing the word-sense-orders of their training corpuses.

Corpuses that include AI-themed scifi books and film transcripts, philosophy textbooks, and breathless singularity-themed blogs.

The chatbot is not self aware.

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'Tumors just vanished': Cancer patients now in remission after drug trial

@LovesTha if people really like Atom they will fork it and continue development as has been done for years with other open source editors

@gemlog my setup is not browser based. It runs as a scheduled task nightly so a browser based plugin would not work for me.

@gemlog I use it to download a few podcasts I follow from YouTube to my plex. It’s brilliant

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yt-dlp is great. I just found out the other day what it's like if you aren't an idiot :-)
All this time I've been typing yt-dlp -F urlname to find out the formats and then
yt-dlp -f nnn urlname to spec which format I chose.
You can use 'ba' for 'best audio' and 'bv' for best video or combine them.
See here for cp/paste one-liners
*Also* I used the playlist thing on 90+ spanish lessons from yt the other night. So Good! :-) D/l'd the vids and automagically converted with ffmpeg to mp3. Lovely.

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