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I believe that what EU is doing with vaccine supply shortage is profoundly wrong. They are turning a technical shortage to a huge international row. What should have been handled quickly and quietly has been converted to a high profile intervention.

As a linux user and occasionally windows user, I find particularly frustrating the low quality of windows upgrades. In the last two major upgrades one on my real laptop installation and one in a vm, both of my systems became unusable and corrupted.

Now laptop is linux only and the VM has been reverted to its previous state by re-importing from backup. How can people depend on this mess of OS....

Heads up guys looks like AZ vaccine has limited efficacy for older people

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Hey @leo I just saw your message that you won’t use Twitter any more. What happened?
Also yes there is a lot of spam here.

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Hey everyone, I have a question. Are there any cool tech media or journalists to follow in mastodon?
Obviously beyond TWIT people?

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