@leo I was listening to Sunday's Tech Guy this morning, and I was empathizing with your Google support experience. I've been waiting for them to resolve a faulty gift card ticket for three weeks.

Then, I reached out again through Google 1 support this morning and it was a completely different experience. They were responsive and resolved the problem right away. Makes me think that they don't have good time zone coverage as I am on Atlantic time and contacted them early in my day.

@leo You should create an old skool telnet BBS for the hardcore* (read that gently as 'older') geeks in the audience! I would love a less social social media experience. 🙂

I bought a Lenovo Duet Chromebook a couple of weeks ago. I am extremely impressed with this device. has come so far as an operating system. The line between PWA and Android app is disappearing (though I still prefer PWA).

@leo How long did you say it took The M1 Ultra to generate a 3D scene from photos again? Looks like Nvidia is aiming to shorten that time.


I don't believe thinks he can take and hold all of . He's taking more than he actually wants so he has something to give back during negotiations to end the conflict.

Where the heck are all the rest of the TWiT crew on this instance. Giving all the love to Discord I guess. ;)

@leo Nice, I heard you mention this on TWoG ... err ... TWIG when I listened earlier today!

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@leo It just dawned on me that This Week ON Google might be a more apropos name for TWiG. It would leave you with TWoG though which just sounds weird.

@leo Heard you mentioning sumi.news a few days ago. I'm highly susceptible to your suggestions, so of course I signed up. 🙂 Loving it so far. You seemed to mention there is a dark mode - I was listening to your audio feed, so I couldn't see. How do I set that?

Hey TWiTs! Trying to get myself out of walled gardens. Just switched back to Firefox after being on Edge chromium for a while. Fed up with how MS is junking it up. Now I'm looking for a good cross platform Outlook replacement. Suggestions?

Just deactivated my account. Sooo tired of the noise.

Things that bug me S01E01 - Stay logged in checkboxes. In this day and age, why is this still an option?

I just received my first notification on TWiT.social! Thanks @Pictor for replying to my random comment!


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