Is the at a daily driver usable yet? I bought the original mainly to help funding I offer see sailfishx and ubports Ubuntu port seem to be ok..

If I was to buy a daily driver Linux phone what would I buy?

Aaand I'm back

Ready just to post here and see what happens

Been a bereavement in the family, will be back on it soon

Interesting when you consider when he did this, I thought it was a few years ago, nope, was during world war 2

YouTube on Android sucks, let me quantify that statement. I use YouTube for videos, if I have to scroll past photos then I'm on Instagram not YouTube..

I know these sites want to make cash and own everything, however I'm old, and confused

I have been doing this for a while, 32 odd years, sometimes I do something then sit back and think wow.. we have come a long way

Living in the future, my mobile editing life

The fact I can take this on my 360 camera, wirelessly transfer it to my phone, edit it and publish it on that phone tells me I' in the future..

Used this on a recent trip and I won't leave home without it now, used it today in a coffeeshop powered by a usb c battery

Amazon has an Orwell problem. Back in 2009, Amazon surprised Kindle owners by reaching into their devices over the network and deleting their copies of *Nineteen Eight-Four*, along with their annotations. Amazingly, this was just a garden-variety screw-up and not a piece of self-critical theater to demonstrate the risks of connected devices that allowed their manufacturers to override their owners.


The 22.04 beta is working well and looks pretty too.

Some old school England right here, some locations are 500 years old in the "home of Shakespeare" Stratford upon Avon

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