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Current State of Inkjet vs Laser Printer?

tl;dr: Do inkjet printers still have clogging issue from low/infrequent usage?

Currently have an older Samsung color laser printer. Time to buy new toner and, given age, may be time to get new printer all together with tax return. It will sit for weeks or months before needing to print again. I know back in the day, infrequent use of inkjets would require head cleanings, etc. Is that still an issue, even with EcoTank-like printers, today?

C**ts. Tw*ts, Porno Sl*ts and more on the Organized Chaos ANTI-VALENTINES DAY Massacre. πŸ’”β€‹

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AT&T scrambles to install fiber for 90-year-old after his viral WSJ ad | Ars Technica - arstechnica.com/information-te

AT&T called Epstein when our article about his ad was published on Wednesday last week. AT&T technicians knocked on his door the next day to tell him they'd be installing fiber. Yesterday, AT&T techs returned to finish the installation and set up his new service. Epstein is paying $45 a month for the first 12 months, after which it would rise to $65.

That's the third time this week I read an article talking about how Apple invented the smartphone and mobile applications. Who's spreading this nonsense?

Yes, Apple made smartphones popular (I guess?). But let's not rewrite history here: we had smartphones and apps several years before the first iPhone got released.

... and a government using Zoom for meetings? What have you people been smoking?

That pretty much says everything about the current state of politics & society.

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If anyone is interested. Pluralsight opened up all classes for the month of April. No training like free training! πŸ‘

Saw another thread about KDE Neon being super low on resources. They were right! I never thought of running a distro from KDE itself. But tested on a VM and it's not bad. But I so love Slackware. One day the old dog will move his main distro. Maybe not! 😁

Joined twit instance because I have enjoyed Leo's shows for over a decade. Steve Gibson is hardcore and FLOSS is all you need in life.

This is awesome! Going to update my profile now. For those new to the Fediverse. Fedilab and Tusky are great mobile clients for Android. Take a stance install them from F-Droid not Google.


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