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@omoralesm Curry says it's about "preserving podcasting as a platform for free speech" which is essentially cover for Infowars and its ilk. No thanks.

I'm headed off on our first vacation since October 2019. Just a short jaunt for a few days to Napa, but I already feel lighter! See you on Saturday for The Tech Guy show.

@ekiledjian Alienware's 55" OLED. It's stunning(ly expensive).

@adamsdesk I already stayed up until midnight playing Valheim. This might be a problem.

@BayesicTony It is Gnome. There's a handy extension called Pop Shell (first seen in Pop OS but now installed by default in Manjaro) that does tiling. I am definitely using it.

@cwfrazier That's exactly what I do. I think we've mentioned the idea of not using your actual email address for logins. And we've talked about using +something in your email addy, which is probably more practical for most people.

@cwfrazier I'm using a hosting service, @mastohost, but if you're comfortable with Docker, you could host it on your Synology. It's very nice software.

@tokyotony Same ISDN as yesteryear. It was then and is today a digital phone call. But again, we've replace it, as has nearly everyone. No telco wants to keep ISDN switches in the NOC......

Got my mojo-ryzen! The Alienware Aurora R10 arrived today! Installed Manjaro and played a little Valheim. Man this monitor is huge!

@tokyotony ISDN is slow - but sufficient for two-way audio. We now have a lot more bandwidth but it's over the public Internet, with all the ills that's prone to. ISDN is point-to-point so little latency and zero interference.

@tokyotony We used to use a dedicated 128 Kbps ISDN line back to the studio in Sherman Oaks. But the phone companies are phasing out ISDN switches, so last year Premiere switched us to Comrex over the public Internet. I was skeptical, but it's working perfectly.

I use a portable version at home.

@SirDingus Why such anger? Or do you really want your cock sucked?

Just got the notice that the Alienware is coming tomorrow! @nebunez That's a month earlier than I expected. Can't wait to set it up and get lost in Valheim!

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CDA230 is among the only good technology laws the US Congress ever adopted, and without it, no one would ever host your complaint about a business, your #MeToo whistleblowing, your negative reviews or your images of official corruption or police violence.


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@KWierso Ahh. Pocketcasts also shows the episode number if you show the podcasts as a list! Problem solved.

@KWierso The issue is really with Pocketcasts - you should ask them to reveal the episode number. This would be an issue with every podcast. I wonder why they don't.

Downcast does it nicely, for example:

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