@freakwater I know! I'm a little bummed that I _don't_ have any side effects!

Sore arm, but so far no side effects 24-hours after my second dose of the Moderna mRNA vax. Ain't science an amazing thing? mRNA blows me away.

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Check this out.
Something unusual happened recently when @leo & Lisa sat in front of our Live Stream camera. Stay tuned, because we can't wait to tell you more!

@Pictor it's itest.nz - a web site that looks like a Sammy on your iPhone. It non-functional but a great prank.

@nickapos I never close kitty! Also, I have a tmux session running on my server at work, so there's always somewhere I can ssh into a running session. I keep weechat there logging the chat room.

@danielvining it's Zoom-a-saurus these days!

Thanks for listening all this time!

@nickapos iTerm is the only choice on macOS, kitty is one of several good choices on Linux.

@c0debabe I also like the fact that the tmux sessions persist even when kitty is closed. For example, I keep weechat running at all times. Will kitty do that on its own?

@c0debabe Yeah I probably should read more about kitty. But I have tmux commands in my fingertips so it comes very naturally.

@moparisthebest I have a jmp.chat number, but I never use it. Maybe it's time to port my Google Fi line to jmp. Google continues to frustrate and disappoint.

Why didn't I think of this sooner. Tmux + Kitty = happiness!

@IanJHill Also even as a PWA Google Messages can't be on more than one device at a time. I have to choose.

Pulse seems more capable.

I'm a Google Fi user and Hangouts has, finally, stopped working. 😑

I'm looking for something that can work as the default SMS app on Android, but that also works cross-platform.

It looks like Pulse SMS ($20/year) is the best solution. It even has a desktop app on Linux. I'll have to use a PWA on iOS but that's better than nothing.

Has anyone found anything better?

@x_minus_t @ant_pruitt I bet they are. Drive to Survive has been huge for F1.

@omoralesm The chapter stuff you're hearing in Podcast Addict is unrelated. It's an XML extension that's been around since 2013 and is not widely supported.


@Bart It's an Alienware 55" OLED. The tiling is using Pop Shell on Manjaro Gnome Linux.

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