Despite the many minutes I had to spend setting it up, I really like the new Vivaldi. It's now my default browser on Mac and Linux.

@cousinofjah Don’t bother. Money will be useless soon. Bury gold. Or better yet, stock up on cigarettes like oh Doctah!

Chief TWiT :twit: boosted

Interesting new venture from TWIL's Denise Howell

Fits With Fits

"Pre-styled sets of hero pieces, blending preloved and vintage treasures with runway vibes"

@Dcanuck I had a Model X but I don't think it ever went into autopilot accidentally. I never had a problem with the Tesla, but Lisa didn't like the "beta" state of the software. I'm just used to that!

@OldChefGuy Yeah, - I even got a fancy URL. The fam uses it occasionally, that's it!

@SamGreenwood I don't. The cable is normaled into the AKGs so you're going to have to do some soldering anyway. Might as well make the cable.

@SamGreenwood I have a huge head, so I've never had that problem. No idea how to adjust, either. Sorry!

@KuroKuma It's a standard instance - so yes. The only other Mastodons I block are Gab and No Agenda.

@KWierso That's weird. It's up now. Must have been a bug. Thanks for the head's up!

@freakwater I sincerely hope not but when Apple fired Sal Soghoian some years ago I thought the writing was on the wall.

It's pretty clear that the plan is to replace Automator with Shortcuts. And given Apple's lukewarm attitude towards OSAscript most app devs are no longer building in support for scripting.

Applescript will live on as the walking dead as long as big customers keep using it, but don't expect any improvements ever again.

@Pictor I'll give it a try for the free week. $100/year is quite pricey. Much more than I pay for Fastmail.

I use Sieve on fastmail to process my mail, but there's one thing I can't do: that Hey style "sender approval" system. I manually enter people into my Fastmail contacts and make a special folder for those folks - maybe that's all I need.

Honestly I've been saying that people need to stop expecting email to be free - it's too important to settle for half-keystered solutions.

It’s official. We’re planning a group cruise to Alaska in July 2022.

I’d love you to join us! Lisa and I will be on board. For every 60 people who join us we can add another host.

@vaughnhannon If you've got sox installed try: play -n synth sin 1270 0.2 sin 1300 sin 1337 0.2 remix 1-3 repeat 0 vol 0.8 chorus 0.5 0.9 42 0.5 5 0.8 -t bandpass -c 1300 0.5q


@Pictor Ah I hadn't seen the pricing for BigMail. I do prefer to keep Fastmail and email address - so that's actually an advantage.

@adamsdesk Yessir. - not open source but the file format is standard text/markdown, so no lock-in.

I've been playing with notetaking with logseq, an open-source git-syncing, Roam clone. It's one to watch, but I'm still happiest with Obsidian + Synchthing.

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