@Dittrich Great question. I don't have any pull at Keybase, but there is a Keybasefriends chat channel. You could request it there!

@camjc well that sucks. We didn’t do scientific testing but we did buy and continue to use three molecules and are very happy with the results.

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digged "An app can be a home-cooked meal" by Robin Sloan:

'But let’s substitute a different phrase: “learn to cook.” People don’t only learn to cook so they can become chefs. Some do! But far more people learn to cook so they can eat better, or more affordably, or in a specific way... The list of reasons to “learn to cook” overflows, and only a handful have anything to do with the marketplace.'


@craigmaloney Roam does have an export to JSON or Markdown, but I also worry about being dependent on a single vendor. The software is stellar, however.

@craigmaloney I recently set up Dokuwiki on my Synology NAS, but I've had numerous wikis over the years, both public and personal. I love the idea - Roam has all the benefits of wiki, plus.

@craigmaloney it's like wiki on steroids. This article will help clarify the difference: nateliason.com/blog/roam

OMG. Have you tried note taking with Roam, yet? 🤯 roamresearch.com/ - if only it were open source and something I could run on my own server. Nevertheless, awesome.

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Want to know the best deal in music?

Magnatune has their entire catalog of music available for a single one-time $300 fee.

That means you can download every single album from their catalog.


(new link)

#magnatune #music

Long day at CES - time for steak. With @Lisa Ant Scott and Matthew.

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Where here! Ready for CES 2020 & we have 42 Mbps upstream. @leo is happy. Ready for coverage? Tomorrow!

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Read this Guardian piece.


It seems increasingly obvious to me that mainstream social media has failed us. It's being weaponized by propagandists in the same way Goebbels used the new medium of radio to manipulate the German populace. You could say the same thing for mainstream media like the 24-hour news channels.

Fleeing to the suburbs of Mastodon and small forums like twit.community seems like burying one's head in the sand, but what else can one do?

I'm packing for CES - we leave tonight. @Lisa already has a cold and I'm desperately trying not to get it.

The plan is for Ant Pruitt and me to rush around the show floor capturing 3-5 minute videos of every booth with something interesting.

We're shooting 4k video on my Sony A7RIV with a 16-35mm lens. The hope is our editors can "pan & zoom" by cropping into our normal 720p posts. The biggest unknown is audio - I'm hoping the Sony Digital shotgun mic will get the job done.


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Right now, I’m thinking that for me, TWiT.community will be where I post when I feel like I have something to ask or share that is worth an amount of community good that is greater than the inherent cost associated with forum fatigue.

On the other hand, TWiT.social feels like a space where it’s safe to make the posts more about me and less about the topic. Here the topic feels like an implied and informal, “what’s up?”

Am I the only one thinking about this?

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A simple tip for those new to Mastodon servers and the : the “local timeline” is a great place to find good content when you’re on a good instance, like TWiT.social.

@vaughnhannon Maybe - depends how crazy it gets at CES. The videos will be posted at youtube.com/twit, though!

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