Trying out two Instagram alternatives. Both are much better than Insta for photography.

Very nice built-in editing. No social graph to speak of.

Federated ... Mastodon for pix so you can follow me from Mastodon at @leolaporte

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@leo @leolaporte VSCO was hot with certain folks a couple years back. I hope you enjoy both apps. Pixelfed is great !

@leo @leolaporte
I believe I've made this statement elsewhere in the TWIT community, but the more I see Meta's failure's in Social the more I think Mike Elgan's Nicebook or a discord server is ore more appropriate for social sharing.

@leo @leolaporte - I have been posted to Pixelfed for several years. It is a different crowd than Instagram, but quality of the tech and photography are great. Seems more about the photos than the social.

@leo @leolaporte I’ve been looking for an instagram alternative.

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