The best time to start learning emacs was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

@leo 🎼 Did eMacs have evil-mode 20 years ago? Chorded key commands don’t work with hoofsies. 🦄

@leo It was about that time that my engineering school was telling me to learn vi instead of emacs.

@leo Thinking of taking up Cobol now as I hear there are a lot of good paying jobs with programmers retiring.

@leo Putting the earbuds on, tuning to yesterday's TWIT, and starting my bicycle ride...

@leo that depends on the state of your wrists, i guess. i learned Emacs well more than 20y ago, and gave it up 15 years ago because multiple shift keys makes things worse for me.

@leo it should be noted that once you start learning emacs you never stop. It is a lifetime commitment. Even if you stop *using* emacs you may accidentally learn something about it on occasion.

@msh I'm actively learning emacs now and will continue for the rest of my life. And LOVING it! I'm just mad I didn't discover it decades ago.

@leo @msh I am curious to know why you like it. I tried emacs a few weeks ago. I am sure it's worth it but I could not figure out what that would be. Taking notes felt like a chore compared to easy to use note taking apps.

@leo Unless you’re interested in building your own emacs configuration from scratch — an even bigger rabbit hole than learning the software itself — I’d highly suggest Doom Emacs. It has a remarkable amount of functionality out of the box, but is so heavily optimized that despite all that it loads and runs incredibly fast.

@leo I started using Emacs at Uni, probably 30 or more years ago now. I used it for years after uni but my use trailed off and I completely stopped about 10 years ago.

@leo The best thing is to use VI and forget about everything else.

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