I've actually found a very nice BBS package I could run.

But would people really use it?

@leo Heck yes! Especially if I can connect from my vintage comps! :flan_hacker:

@leo thanks for making me feel old. I'd probably give it a try, but only if you could simulate 300 baud comms.

RE: a telnet BBS
@sfringer I've actually set it up already on my server, but I'm kind of reluctant to open up telnet access to the machine! It's definitely a throwback experience. Probably not worth the effort.

@leo @sfringer would be cool if there was a mastodon-identity-based web login

Haha! I laugh because I did the exact same thing awhile back. Call it nostalgic excitement. I had one setup and ready to go on my server... but never opened it up. I'm not sure who, apart from myself would have connected.

Part of me would still like to though ;-)

@leo I'd give it a shot, but I make no promises 😁

@leo Oh this would be so cool. Can we have some classic door games too?

Absolutely nostalgia is cool. one of the SDF.ORG dudes if I recall is running a reboot of quantum link. shit is off the hook.

@leo I like the idea of BBS's and fidonet messaging systems to bring open communications to countries that have blocked and censored the larger Web. (Russia, North Korea, Iran, China, etc)

@leo I have been considering setting up a Synchronet BBS, as it seems to have more current updates and plenty of boards seem to be using this. I love that Fidonet and Dovenet are still active on those boards.

@leo I Ran a BBS back in early 90s - Remote Access with FrontDoor. The sound of the modem training randomly when a user was connecting is something I'll never foget.

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