Holy cow. There are a *lot* of Telnet BBSs still out there!

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@leo I remember dialing into my local computer store's after hours BBS and it making my mom so mad that I was tying up the phone line to play weird ASCII art games.

@leo I had no idea this was a thing to this degree either. Glad to see you are checking it out. Wonder if there would be enough to discuss and if Steve would be interested in have this as topic on a Security Now podcast. My first thought was that this sounds fun. My next was what are the security implications.

@leo I use to have a BBS and was co-sysop on a few others. Awesome to see. I should get back into it. FidoNet... Oh I use to talk on that message network a lot.

@leo yea there are! I need to get TeleFinder server running again on a G4

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