I've added a "now" page to my blog (cf.

It's kind of an interesting idea...

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@leo going to keep this now page idea in mind when I work on the next version of my site. Feels like the kind of thing we should have been doing all along.

@leo Wow there are some quite personal and melancholy thoughts on that now page. I'm a few years behind you but I can relate to a lot of it. Thanks for sharing.

@floyduk I hope not too melancholy. Just honest. But maybe too honest!

@leo Not too honest. I appreciated it a lot actually. I don't think you should feel you have to be avuncular 100% of the time.

@leo I like this idea, it’s kind of how I treat my home page. My home page is basically a snapshot of stuff I’m currently doing, including links to my latest video, latest blog post, Instagram photo, etc. From there, people can decide to learn more about me or follow the links to various other projects, but at they’re updated on the latest news about me and what I’m doing “now.”

@leo Great now page, thanks for sharing. In regards to aging I personally feel from my life experiences and talks with many people 70+ that I've learned is our life goes in phases, but the one thing that seems to stand out is we must keep active. Active in all areas, physical, mental and spirtually (not referring to religion). Age is just a number and no one has to quit working if you don't want to. We have control to how each area looks like. Keep living.

@leo Very cool you are doing a trip with TWIT listeners. I would join in if I could.

@leo Interesting. FYI, if both your parents live into their 90s, you have some strong genetics going on!

@leo I have so many questions/comments now that I have read your now page

@leo comments through Mastodon is such a cool use of the tech

@cousinofjah It's also my way of stimulating more conversation on here. And it works!

@leo how are you incorporating the comments into Hugo? I see it kicks me back to Mastodon (on mobile, at least) to actually comment.

My site is Hugo, and I think that I may want to borrow that setup.

@al I explain it here:

I get that it's a bit confusing the first time you try to leave a comment, but I really want to foster conversations here, and preserve them on the blog.

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