Oh and welcome to another 100 new refugees from the bird site. Nice to have you all on!

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@leo Just joined after listening to TWiG 661. What a great show. 👍

@leo Yes. It had it me searching for fonts at one point. 😂

@minimlr @leo Me too. I switched to using Minion as my default "normal" style.

@IcyShark @minimlr Myriad and Minion are special digital-first fonts from Adobe. I like them both although they're not particularly interesting.

@IcyShark @leo I’m quite boring with this one. 😁 Verdana is my main font. I also like Open Sans and Glacial Indifference. I made my first YouTube video yesterday using Canva. There are three fonts on there I really like - Brightwall, League Spartan and Magz. Amateur video here for it shows off a range of fonts. 😂

@minimlr @leo I have some decent monospace fonts, I love Cosolata and Source Code Pro.

Don't get me started on fonts, especially programmers' fornts @IcyShark @minimlr ! I currently use Iosevka on emacs and terminal sessions. I was a big Input fan for a long time. Before that Fira code.

Iosevka is free on most systems. I like it because it's slightly narrow, which gives me more space for coding.

@leo @IcyShark Another clean font. I think Iosevka would look good with VS Codium.

@leo I have been meaning to check this platform out for a while now. Thanks for giving us a place we can trust!

@terrorskull @leo I would not have tried this if I had to join through anyone else other than Leo. I have watched and listened to Leo for 20+ years, from TV to netcasts(ok podcasts) and now here. Thank you Leo!

@leo out of curiosity, are you blocking discovery from other servers? I had to actively seek you out via website. which sorta brings up the issue of are the other you's here you across federated servers

@leo Glad you are active again on Mastodon! It desperately needs more interesting voices actively posting to make it a compelling alternative!

@leo trivia - several years ago Daniel Suarez posted on G+ that he was about to appear live on Triangulation. I responded that I would donate $20 to his favorite charity if he could sneak the word "falafel" into the conversation.

He succeeded. I paid :)

@johnhattan What?? This I did not know. What a sly fella!

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