After ignoring org-mode forever (I use emacs for coding and blogging mostly) I've finally dug into it and it's amazing. I'm going to keep using Notion for pretty content I want to share, but emacs org-mode for todos, journaling, and other lists (replacing Obsidian). I think I'll use Syncthing to keep all my notes in synch.

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org-mode is amazing, sometimes too amazing.

syncthing is also amazing.

The only thing I'm considering moving from is shifting my use of org-roam to Manuskript for my RPG game, but even there, I'm struggling a little with where to put background plot, where with org-roam I don't think about it!

@emacsen I loved Roam when it came out. I'll have to try org-roam - I know it's very popular.

@leo do you use vanilla emacs? I'm just started to get into Doom Emacs. I need my vim keys. Lol I've yet to be able to understand or grasp org mode yet. I've heard it's amazing.

Vanilla-ish @rathel I tried Doom but it's way too fancy for me.

I started with a simpler config from and have just been gradually improving my config as needed. I like to see what other people are doing and then add the thing I like manually.

Mickey Petersen's amazing Mastering Emacs is my bible.

Learning emacs is a long term project.

My config is here for what it's worth:

@leo Nice! thanks for all the info. I'd like to start with a more minimal config.

@leo I just throw the notes on a Google Drive folder. It's really handy, I use it for journaling and to-do lists on a very simple put practical setup.

@leo it will be your operating system in no time.

Do you use vanilla emacs with your own config, or something like Spacemacs/Doom? whenever I say “ok, I think I’ll finally try what Leo recommended for note-taking the other day” I realize you just changed to another thing again 😅

@leo org mode! i'm using obsidian at work on my windows computer tho. but i love org-mode, even though i'm a vi guy.

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