I just added 27 new members to our Mastodon. Biggest growth spurt since day 1! Welcome!!!

@leo Speaking for myself, I guess you can thank Elon for that.

@leo Just needed the push to try Mastodon. Thank you.

@leo Thank you Leo. Been meaning to join for some time. Elon made it possible!

@leo Leo Laporte! As I live and breath! Great to see you on Mastodon. I'm a long-time follower of your work, and we've met at a MacWorld long ago.

@leo wow, hi leo! been following you and your career for over 2 decades now (crazy how time flies). wasn't expecting to see you here! hope you're having a great day.

@leo Can't wait for the TWIG discussion about the future of little birdies.

@leo I fell kinda bad, I can;t choose between the account or this account😭​

great episode of winodows weekly today btw!

@leo your mentions at the end of the podcasts got me interested in Mastedon; Elon’s purchase pushed me to join.

@leo I think added 30k new users in one day after the news of Elon buying Twitter hit the news.

@leo my timeline now in Mastodon is a lot more interesting (and geeky) than my twitter timeline 🙂

@nickapos I think Mastodon's distributed servers works really well to give people a community of like minds without silos. It's kind of the best of both worlds. Elon should have probably just set up his own Masto server.

@leo I agree, the thematic instance approach people have is not visible from outside but it is amazing, and on top of that you can mix and match. I think Elon is in for a world of pain. If he went with a Masto instance everything would be fine, but now he is taking a huge risk.

I hope we can get some momentum behind a shift back to protocols from platforms. I don't have an account on and I'm not using Mastodon, but we can still have a conversation. Next up: getting my friends to use anything but iMessage.
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