@leo I certainly hope it's over. I'm as tired of this as anyone else, but I'm still going to be hesitant about big crowds for the time being.

@leo It's wishful thinking at all levels to declare it over. It's just politically expedient to end mask mandates.

I don't see how we can go from a 1m+ confirmed cases per day in the first week of Jan to "open er up" on Feb 15. The pandemic was also over for lots of people after vaccination eligibility opened up in Spring 2021.

I don't really think it's worth millions dead and millions more permanently disabled to briefly perceive a facade of a "return to normal", but hey, that's just me.

@leo (not an attack on you specifically btw, I get the sense that you're just working through complicated feelings, but I'm generally very troubled by what's happening)

@shoeberto No exactly right. I'm just as troubled as you are. Frankly we're all just punch drunk and trying to survive.

@leo I have been wearing masks were appropriate (basically everyone outside of my "bubble") and I still got infected January 2nd. Luckily I only experienced flu symptoms, but let's not forget before the COVID virus people also died of the Influenza virus.

It's in the interest of the COVID virus to be very transmissive yet non-lethal, so that's the most likely evolutionary path it'll take.

The Netherlands will return to normal in about 2 weeks; very unreal this sudden change :thonking:

@leo it'll never be over in my opinion but the tolerance levels will just change

@leo somehow I cant help feeling like we took a 100 mile trip and decided for some reason to take our seat belt off with just a few miles to go.

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