Despite the many minutes I had to spend setting it up, I really like the new Vivaldi. It's now my default browser on Mac and Linux.

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With RSS feeds built in:). I'm going to try it again

@leo It's great! Overwhelming at first but you can really grow into it. And being Chromium based means it's super easy to migrate plugins and stuff. Do it folks! :)

Yeah it's a good one. As someone who used the old Opera before, I feel right at home. Though it did inherit the bad stuff from Opera too — like the team's ignorance of minor bugs and, generally, not a very perfectionistic approach to quality.

@leo I now feel too deep into Firefox to switch but I did give Vivaldi a shot a year ago or so. What I'd really love is a way to share bookmarks between browser families

@leo I heard you mentioning that is very configurable. I will give it a go in both platforms as well. On Linux I mostly use Firefox with chromium as backup and on Mac safari with edge as a backup.

@leo Likewise, I'm a fan of Vivaldi, now. I took me a few more then minutes, however now I am liking it a lot.

@leo yes my Friend, I Really Love The New Vivaldi and That's All i Use On My Linux Now, Because VIVALDI Happens To Be The Best Browser For Linux, Yup

@leo Vavaldi versus Brave? I have heard you talk about both.

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