Sore arm, but so far no side effects 24-hours after my second dose of the Moderna mRNA vax. Ain't science an amazing thing? mRNA blows me away.

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@leo My second Moderna dose hit kicked me in the butt about 12 hours after the jab, and it lasted about four hours. I was actually pleased because it proved that it was working.

@freakwater I know! I'm a little bummed that I _don't_ have any side effects!

@leo @freakwater Dr Mom had mentioned once that it could happen up to a week later. Happened to me the day after AND about 4 days later

@cousinofjah @freakwater Yeah I'm prepared for a sudden onslaught of symptoms. I hope it doesn't happen during a show, though.

@leo Just got my first dose today. I am so thankful we have the technology to keep my family safe!

@leo Going in for Pfizer pt2 today. I hope I have a similar reaction 🙂

@leo I still find it amazing that someone downloaded the genetic code over the internet then was able to recreate just enough of it to trigger the immune response needed to create the vaccine. Truly a miracle of modern science!

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