Why didn't I think of this sooner. Tmux + Kitty = happiness!

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@leo is kitty better than iterm2 or are you using it only in Linux?

@nickapos iTerm is the only choice on macOS, kitty is one of several good choices on Linux.

@leo I just installed kitty on my mac, i will try it in linux as well. Thanks for pointing it out.
On that note how do you store tmux session so when kitty is restarted it restores tmux as well? That could come handy since tmux is the first thing i open after i start my terminal.

@nickapos I never close kitty! Also, I have a tmux session running on my server at work, so there's always somewhere I can ssh into a running session. I keep weechat there logging the chat room.

@leo Ah, I see it makes sense. My tmux sessions are also long running, but from time to time I have to move around with my laptops. I do not have a running tmux session on my server. Thanks for the reply 🙂

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