Got my mojo-ryzen! The Alienware Aurora R10 arrived today! Installed Manjaro and played a little Valheim. Man this monitor is huge!

@leo Almost all text! You definitely work in the command line! :)

@leo , looking to maybe updating my tired old computer sooner rather than later. Would be good to see a review on it

@leo Is that a gnome desktop? Would a tiling WM work better on a huge monitor I wonder?

@BayesicTony It is Gnome. There's a handy extension called Pop Shell (first seen in Pop OS but now installed by default in Manjaro) that does tiling. I am definitely using it.

@adamsdesk I already stayed up until midnight playing Valheim. This might be a problem.

@leo maybe but you are embracing what you enjoy. Now the real challenge is to balance everything else. Especially keeping the boss happy while doing it :).

@leo looks great and Manjaro is awesome. Slowly becoming my distro on all my machines

@leo Enjoyed the Muddy Waters reference. Nice computer too.

@ekiledjian Alienware's 55" OLED. It's stunning(ly expensive).

@leo Would like to know what model that monitor is and how you get 4 screens on one. Software? Multiple hardware inputs? Thanks.

@Bart It's an Alienware 55" OLED. The tiling is using Pop Shell on Manjaro Gnome Linux.

@leo Oh crap! At first glance I thought you had a quad-monitor setup going there! I forgot you got an Alienware gaming TV. Nice!

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