@leo Would it be possible to add the episode number to the Tech Guy podcast episode names? I listen in the car or while out walking, and often a week or so delayed from when they aired. If I want to comment with a belated solution, I have to do the math in my head to convert episode date back to episode number, because techguylabs primarily shows the episode number until you dig into each episode on the site.

@leo If the number is part of each episode's name, I could jump directly in to that episode's comments.

@KWierso The number is in the title, isn't it? Where don't you see it?

@leo This is all I see in Pocket Casts. Looking in the RSS feed, I see the episode numbers in the <title> tag for each episode, but Pocket Casts seems to only show me the <itunes:title> tag.

Hrm, wonder if I can change that in app preferences...


@KWierso Ah. Let me see if I can get that into the iTunes title.

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