@leo Love the monitor and I hadn't looked at Alienware's desktop design in quite some time - really nice looking.

Only bad decision was the amount of RAM. 256gb of RAM would be much better choice to run AAA games out of a RAM disk because that's the only thing I can imagine you're doing with that much RAM.

@leo I just upgraded my workstation to a Ryzen 9 5950x with a 3090 Founders Edition (from Puget Systems). Love it! The 3090 is a beast.

Also, isn't it a little bit 2009 to love macOS and hate on Windows like that? Windows 10 is actually a pretty solid operating system these days.

I'd love to run Linux as my main OS for freedom reasons, but I need professional audio and video support on my setup and that's just not practical on Linux.

@leo looks like a solid rig. I had to watch for months to catch a 5800x in stock, and video cards are just impossible to find right now. Enjoy the new machine once it comes in!

@jp_bennett Well at least I'll be answering the question, how big is too big?

It's 48 inches wide by 30 tall (122 x 76 cm) so even if I don't look at the top third that often it will be a nice wide monitor.

@leo Size matters, in monitors...
Sweet beast of a setup congratulations Captain! 🎉

@leo Everyone has their hobbies. If you're in a position to enjoy them....enjoy.

The GPU shortage has put a damper on upgrades in general. Crazy to see you're expecting a 1-2 month wait still for delivery

@leo Utter Fool? Not at all.
Looks awesome to me.
TTTT, a bit jealous, I am. 😀

@leo I'm glad to see you dip into Linux Gaming. It's come a long way in the past decade. Hoping it's a fun experience for you!

@craigmaloney I'm so excited about Valheim. It sounds like exactly the kind of game I like. And it's Linux first!

@leo Funnily enough I'm playing the videos on steam and suddenly Amon Amarth came on and I thought I had somehow switched on my music collection. 🤘

It's official @leo has gone full Linus Tech Tips

@leo I think going with a prebuilt (especially Dell) is a reasonable choice right now given how crazy the market is right now.

I'm also happy to see your excitement for Valheim, you're going to love it. It's great to see such a popular game with first-class Linux support. I really believe that all the studios making games with Unity3D have no excuse not to support Linux natively, and this is good evidence!

Just got the notice that the Alienware is coming tomorrow! @nebunez That's a month earlier than I expected. Can't wait to set it up and get lost in Valheim!

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