Welcome to our 1000th member! I'm happy to say it's the host of FLOSS Weekly @dsearls. Welcome, Doc, and all of you!!

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@leo @dsearls Congrats, Doc! Got any juicy Linux kernel gossip?

@leo @dsearls One of my fave shows on the network.
In the last ep, The Brain mind mapping software was mentioned.
I discoverd that software at uni, on a demo disc in a PC magazine in 1998. I've been using it ever since.
A show featuring the original develooper of that program would be nice! Cheers!!

@0rlando @leo The developer is Harlan Hugh, and his biggest booster is an old friend of many here, Jerry Michalski. Here is his Brain: Alas, The Brain and Harlan aren't right for FLOSS Weekly because Harlan, despite entreaties by both Jerry and I, has resolutely kept the source code closed. But both would be great for another TWiT show, I would hope.

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