I just made my appointment for my first Covid shot: Wednesday morning. 💉

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@leo Good news! Hopefully all the crew are getting theirs too. Thanks for all the shows during the pandemic by the way. Something to look forward to every week during lockdown.

PS can we get Triangulation back??

@marcusphelan I loved Triangulation and really miss the opportunity to interview my heroes. But I just couldn't get enough people to listen to it, alas.

@leo @marcusphelan I also thought this was a great show, but I admit I used the archive to pick the guests who spoke on topics I found interesting. The interviews were great and I blogged about some shows that fit what I write about. I would guess the pattern of picking out topics held for many so the audience on average might not impress advertisers.

@grabe @marcusphelan Yeah I think that's the problem with interview shows. Unless you're Joe Rogan, someone who can drive traffic regardless of the guest, most listeners will cherry pick episodes.

If you only listen to half the shows, that means half the ratings.

I think that's what happened with Triangulation. It had a large devoted audience who only listened to some of the shows.

@leo you’re a smart man. Godspeed for this experimental vaccine.

@leo My favorite thing at the moment is hearing about everyone getting their shots.

@leo You do understand that it's highly experimental! 😮

@Ninjamort You do understand that No Agenda is a comedy show, right?


@leo sure, but they stil have some good points now and then...

@leo to me it feels like noagenda is like The Onion started a radio show but everything went sideways when the audience ended up thinking it was real and are so committed to it now that they can't emotionally handle reality any more

@leo Congrats! I get my second one soon. Oddly enough, this is the only time in my life that I've had a health-positive outcome from being fat. lol 😂

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