Jury's still out on range on the Mach-E @Kloewen.

I have an extended range model, so supposedly it will be 270mi/434 km on a full charge. From the factory it was closer to 200mi/320km.

I've reset the range estimates and it will have to get used to my driving habits to give me a real range estimate.

So far it's showing I use around 3.3kWh/mi highway, 2.3kWh city but it's very dependent on cabin warming and accessory use.

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@jdollatari Still early days but it's my favorite so far (vs 2016 Tesla Model X and 2020 Chevy Bolt). The Bolt is still very impressive for the price. The MachE feels like a refined Model X, with somewhat less range.

@leo @Kloewen

> So far it's showing I use around 3.3kWh/mi highway, 2.3kWh city but it's very

That's a LOT of power! I think you meant 330Wh/mi and 230Wh/mi 🙃

I you really used 3.3kWh/mi you'd be empty in about 30 miles

@feld @Kloewen Yeah it's vice versa. I reversed the units. Should be 3.3mi/kWh and 2.3 mi/kWh. oops!

@leo @Kloewen I'm kinda surprised the Mach-E is only getting an estimated 270 miles on a 98.8 kWh battery... that's really bad efficiency... 365wH/mi ?

My Model 3 with 75kWh battery was rated at 310 miles, which is about 242wH/mi. The Long Range rear motor variant in good weather can go below 180wH/mi... that's double the efficiency of the Mach-E!

I really hope they can fix this with software updates

@feld @Kloewen Yeah Tesla is the king of range. They've really got efficiency down.

@leo @Kloewen Tesla may be cheating by not maintaining battery temps properly, so we'll see how this shakes out in a few more years
@tk @leo nah, just battery degradation that shouldn't have happened

@leo @feld That's why I say "never do math in public!"😋

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