Oh. This is cool. Open-source, E2E optional, messaging using email as the back-end.


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@leo yep, works quite well
... well it is email... :D


@leo After using it for months, I can say it works quite well.

@leo That's a big no, no:

'The Open Technology Fund's given two grants. The first 2018/2019 grant (~$200K). The second 2019/2020 grant (~$300K) is still ongoing.'

'About a decade ago, the United States Congress recognized Radio Free Asia (RFA).' 'OTF initially operated as a program of RFA. In terms of funding, OTF is still sustained by annual grants from the USAGM, and our funding still originates from yearly U.S. Congressional appropriations'.

@halcek Not sure why that would be a problem. It's fully open-source - doesn't seem like there's any opportunity for shenanigans.

@leo kinda like being able to reply to Google Voice SMSes over email

@leo I use it even for crazy things like posting here in mastodon or chatting with mastodon users using a #deltachat <--> #mastodon bridge

@adbenitez Oh that's interesting. I'll have to check that out. Do you use Simplebot for that?

@leo yes, you can try it out with a test mastodon account, from within Delta Chat write to a message:
/m_login yourPassword

this will create two new chats: Home and Notifications, kind of transforming delta chat in a Mastodon client, you can boost, reply etc. and anything you post in the Home chat is tooted in your mastodon account, any private 1:1 message sent to you will be shown as a chat with the user avatar and all

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