Wow, I just approved several dozen requests to join! I am so happy!

Welcome to you all!

@leo Thank you for hosting a Mastodon instance, Leo! I think that Mastodon's distributed model could help to solve some of the problems that have recently arisen with respect to social media.

@gwm @leo centralized social media has been problematic since day 1, it's just reaching the boiling point.

@jack @leo On day 1, I think it was remarkable that workable social media existed at all. 🙂

@leo thanks very much, glad to be in a place with like minded folk, not Twitter 😡

@leo maybe you can become the twitter alternative - you continue to be tech leader

@leo great to have you back Leo. Fediverse is ready for the twit people :polarbear:

@leo Hi Leo. I’m proud to say I’m one of them today. Thank you and love the Twit shows!!! I have Macbreak wkly & Sec Now all queued up for tonight’s drive.

@leo Social media toxicity and censorship make options like this much better. I hope you gain traction here.

@leo I thought I knew all about social, until I heard the word Mastadon for the first time this week on TWIG.

@leo can you point us in the right direction of other friendly tech folks to follow? Just starting here. Interested in startups, tech, ML, and games. So far following HackerNews

@victusfate There are a few - I'll create a "Tech Tooters" list and add folks I know about.

@victusfate For better or worse, very few tech journalists are on federated social platforms. They live for the corporate platforms. On the bright side, many developers and hackers get Mastodon.

@leo good to know. Expect as traffic and conversations off of central platforms mature the tech journalists will follow

@leo @victusfate Leo is probably among the higher profile tech writers in this space but some other fairly established and active ones include @maxeddy , @gcluley and @lunduke

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