Hey @leo I just saw your message that you won’t use Twitter any more. What happened?
Also yes there is a lot of spam here.

@nickapos Spam is fixed thankfully, and I'm now requiring approval to join this instance, so I think it won't be a problem going forward.

We were getting trolled continuously on Twitter, so we felt it better to move to platforms that are better moderated, like this one.

@leo Thanks for spending time and energy on the spam problem. Twitter is indeed toxic. I am only using it for following very specific people and media accounts so I am not being abused, but I can see that for you guys it’s a different story altogether.
It’s fine though, we got other channels of communication so no harm done.


Thanks @nickapos! I've posted a short list of places TWiT listeners can go to stay in touch on my blog:


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@leo yeah I am already registered with the forum as well. I also find the Plex integration very handy, that is one of my standard ways of catching up with the episodes when i am in front of a computer or my tv.

@leo @nickapos It’s good to see you moving towards Mastodon for show announcements.

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